Technology & Innovation for Climate Action.

   Investigating the complex nexus between human society and nature.

Advocating for business as a catalyst for change in societal welfare.

Innovative business models that focus on addressing climate change and resource overuse are emerging.
While fostered by technological advancements, enlightened businesses have a key role to play in their proliferation.

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Background intersects different facets of innovation and a systemic approach to analysis.

Business & The Environment

Business Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship

Visual Analytics

Human-Computer Interaction & Interaction Design

Digital & Information Technologies

Harnessing the power of new technologies which are rising and enabling businesses with a vision to grow.

Digital technologies enable dematerialisation, provide transparency, remote visibility and asset control, and accordingly have the potential transform value chains.
Adopting a robust user-centric approach is key to successful design.

No matter how powerful a technology might be, it is necessary to ensure that user requirements are efficiently uncovered and translated into the utmost optimal user experience, thus warranting that the technology’s objective is purposefully met.
Driven by using technology and entrepreneurship in service to a low-carbon future.

Aiming to work towards the development and dissemination of innovative business models that focus on addressing social inequality, climate change and resource overuse.
Working towards the creation of social value whilst considering economic gain in second, as means to an end rather than the end itself.

Formerly torn between technological advancements and their ultimate purpose, inspiration sprung from the social entrepreneurship sector where entrepreneurs must combine determination and innovation to overcome resource constraints while solving challenging issues.
Employing this powerful tool to effectively engage with difficult concepts and identify trends and patterns.

The development of compelling narratives through visual analytics also enables contextual storytelling that can foster engagement and ultimately drive change.
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